Compost and food scraps

Compost tea is a very special thing that we make here at Sanctuary farm! It is not a beverage but a fertilizer, insecticide and general soil nutrient replenisher! We sell our Compost Tea on the farm and at a few local farmer's markets! Click here to learn more!

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        Free range Eggs

Our chickens are a mix of chickens that we took in and chickens that we purchase.  They are fed a diet of food scraps and compost from local businesses.  They are free-range and NEVER killed for food or any other reason.  We take in chickens year round.  Their house is a large green house that we open in the warm months and close in the cold months to keep them warm.  We sell our eggs at farmers markets and a few grocery stores.

Compost tea

Our philosophy is that we

want to close the loop and come full circle; nature, animals, and humans living in non-violent harmony.

Most days of the week, we are picking up thousands of pounds of compost from places like local restaurants, schools, and even ski resorts. Our chickens help eat as much as they can and the rest is composted.  With the compost we make compost tea or people use it on their gardens.If you need a service like ours give us a call and we'll pick up your compost!  You can even stop by and leave your compost here!